Chair of Human Resources

This position will begin as a volunteer and turn into a paid position

We need someone that can perform the following duties:

  • H.R. Experience (negotiable)
  • Recruit (2) teachers that can volunteer/intern their time from 3:00pm-6:30pm M-F
  • Recruit, register and maintain 30 students within our school’s student body(Student body makeup:  15 elementary students and 15 middle school students)
  • Ensuring RMU maintains a 30 student roster in case of student dropout
  • Maintaining teachers for RMU in case a teacher quits or is absent
  • Recruit Board members (assisting the Board Chair, Exec. Dir. to ensure that the RMU Board has all Chair positions filled)
  • Recruit parental involvement
  • Open and Close school facility each day(3:00pm-6:30pm M-Fri./second key holder)
  • Sign-in/Sign-out students each day (3:00pm-6:30pm M-Fri.)
  • Recruit volunteer and record  volunteer manpower hours
  • Manage staff and volunteer manpower hours
  • Daily Proctor for the school (3:00pm-6:30pm M-Fri.)
  • Record school activities and events
  • Maintain the H.R. Position for (1) year minimum and recruit replacement to fill H.R. Position