Social Media:Facebook/LinkedIn/Youtube Volunteer

Job Description

    We need someone who have experience and the ability to attract online monetary
    donations as well as physical and online supporters through the worldwide web,
    Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube etc!!

    This volunteer needs to be able to use various social media outlets such
    as Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and our website to create and grow an online
    community that will harvest:

  • Monetary donations
  • Online fundraising campaign(s)
  • Online awareness and exposure

    A growing online community of teens and adults that desire to blog and chat
    on our website and Facebook page about their passion and personal support
    stories for our cause which is fighting child hunger and Drop-out Prevention
    and Poverty Prevention!

For More Information and Application Contact

Jerry Boyce Jr.,Director @ 980.322.6040


Email @

  • All positions are open until filled.