Resource Officer II

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Create your own volunteer schedule that is convenient for you, your job and personal time.
  2. Assist our school with obtaining a preexisting commercial building as a donation or low-cost
    that we may use as our own school building. Assist our school with any renovations that the
    property may require.
  3. Create and maintain an inventory-database of all tangible and intangible items of our school’s
    needs and receivables. Find and acquire in-kind donations that may be available to fit the
    various needs for our school. Our school’s tangible and intangible needs may include but not limited to:

  • Electronics
  • School signage, wall and door nameplates
  • School I.D. badges
  • Cabinets, shelving, and storage units
  • Desks, chairs, tables
  • Refrigeration
  • Books and educational material
  • School supplies
  • Tents and camping gear
  • Cooking and food storage products

  • Sponsors for our budget items, school and school events/fundraisers
  • Ticket for youth and family events and venues (theater plays, ball games, aquariums,
    theme parks, NASCAR, etc.

For More Information and Application Contact

Jerry Boyce Jr., Director @ 980.322.6040


Email @

  • All positions are open until filed.
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