Chair of RoleModels Motorcycle Association

Job Description

This is a “working board” Chair position. This position may include Board of Directorship
governance and oversight as well as become hands-on with programming and service delivery.
Our Board of Directors meet once a month for 1 hour.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Must complete a Volunteer Application & Background Information Form.
  • Create and tailor your own volunteer schedule that is convenient with your work and personal life.
  • Volunteer duration; 1-2 years.
  • Recruit 1-2 Assistants to spearhead and ensure that RMU (RoleModels University) has
    a strong and growing Motorcycle Association.
  • Ensure that RoleModels Motorcycle Association has the appropriate leadership to operate as a
    motorcycle association and the association has its team meetings.
  • Recruit diverse motorcycle team members.
  • Prepare and conduct annual benefit motorcycle stunt shows and motorcycle benefit rides.
  • Create partnerships between the RoleModels Motorcycle Association and select
    motorcycle clubs and associations.
  • Recruit a successor.

    This department must consist of the following:

  • Must have a motorcycle
  • Must have the ability to teach and train teenagers motorcycle riding, handling, and safety
  • Must have the availability and willingness to coordinate and participate in meetings,
    recruiting and annual RoleModels Motorcycle Association (RMA) benefit rides.

For More Information and Application Contact

Jeryy Boyce Jr., Director @ 980.322.6040


Email @

  • All positions are open until filled.
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