Grant Writer(s)

Job Description

We need an experienced grant writer and/or grant writing team that can volunteer their time
and expertise to research and write grants. We need a grant writer that can secure grant
dollars that will help our school to do the following:

Research and secure a grant to help our school with the following curriculum,
service and facility needs:

A. Curriculum and Service:

  • Dropout Prevention
  • Character/Leadership Development
  • Poverty Prevention
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Child Hunger
  • Financial Literacy
  • Community Service/Restoration Projects

B. Facility:

Research and secure a grant that will allow our school to purchase and renovate
a facility to be used for our school

  1. Chief Curriculum: Character/leadership Development & Financial Literacy
  2. Weekly Schedule: Grant research and the completion of grant applications can
    be a weekly time-consuming task. We ask that the grant writing volunteer(s)
    establish a weekly schedule that is practical and convenient for their personal
    schedule that will also be advantageous for the securing of the grant(s) for
    RoleModels University!
  3. Volunteer Duration: 1-year

For More Information and Application Contact

Jerry Boyce Jr.,Director @ 980.322.6040


Email @

  • All positions are open until filled.
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