Chair of Leadership development

Job Description

This is a “working board” Chair position.This position may include governance
and oversight as well as become hands-on with programming and service delivery.

    • Ensure that RMU has a strong and growing Leadership Development department that will make
      a significant difference within a city’s wealthy and economically disadvantaged communities.


  • Work with the HR to ensure that RMU has credible teachers that write
    lesson plans and teach Leadership and Character Development for youth of all ages.
    • Work with the ED and Board Chair to ensure that partnerships, sponsors and resources are
      acquired that will strengthen the RMU Leadership Development department.


    • Work with the RMU Event planner to ensure that the annual RMU Drop Out Prevention Week
      is a success and growing attraction for the city and citywide supporters.


  • Assist in recruiting teachers who can teach practical biblical-based
    application of Character and Leadership Development skills that will also attract the
    support of Christian churches.These courses also need to be taught in such a way who
    teaches kids that no matter how poor,wealthy, or disadvantaged you are-it is your strength
    to become a powerful adult regardless of your appearance, background, neighborhood or
    school that you attend.



    • Ensure that RMU allows youth to grow and become inspirational speakers along with adult
      panelist at our annual Youth inspire Pep Rallies.


    • Attract Life Coaches and Motivational Speakers to connect, partner and support the RMU
      Leadership Development department.


    • Ensure that RMU students are engaged in philanthropic opportunities and receive citywide and
      media recognition as successful RMU students doing great things with promising futures.


    • Ensure that RMU students attend City Council meetings.


  • Recruit a successor.


For More Information and Application Contact

Jerry Boyce Jr.,Director @ 980.322.6040


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  • All positions are open until filled.