Chair of Financial Intelligence

Job Description

This is a “working board” Chair position. This position may include
governance and oversight as well as become hands-on with programming and service delivery.

  • Ensure that RMU (RoleModels University) has a strong and growing financial literacy
    department that will make a significant difference within a city’s wealthy and economically
    disadvantaged communities.
  • Work with the HR (Human Resource person) to ensure that RMU has credible
    teachers that can teach and write daily lesson plans of financial literacy education for
    Elementary school-aged students beginning January 2015. Middle-School and High-School
    students will subsequently come academic years later. In the event, that a qualified
    teacher is not recruited by January 2015; then we would need the Chair of Financial
    Intelligence to become a teacher until a teacher is recruited.
  • Work with the ED (Executive Director) and Board Chair to ensure that partnerships, sponsors
    and resources are acquired that will strengthen the RMU Financial Intelligence department.
  • Work with the RMU Event planner to ensure that the annual RMU Poverty Prevention
    Week is a success and growing attraction for the city and city supporters.
  • Assist in recruiting teachers that can teach practical application of financial literacy that can
    break poverty cycles
  • Offer and/or explain retirement planning and products to grade school youth
  • Ensure that RMU students create and build business models that they can utilize as an adult as
    a Plan B career and to showcase at the annual RMU Entrepreneurship Fair.
  • Ensure the success of the RMU Investment club for youth.
  • Recruit a successor.

For More Information and Application Contact

Jerry Boyce Jr.,Director @ 980.322.6040


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  • All positions are open until filled.
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